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Santhosh Chandran
IN order to offer a better taxi service to the people, a mobile app 'Qatar Taxi' has been launched in Doha. The mobile app developed by Al Dana company will be safe, reliable and the taxi fare through the 'Qatar Taxi' app will be comparatively low in comparison with other taxi apps.
The app launch ceremony was held in Doha recently. It was attended by business leaders from different sectors, members of the media, bloggers and social media influencers.
Services will be available to the public through the app which can be easily downloaded from the Internet.
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of Al Dana company Sheikh Hamad al Thani said:"Qatar Taxi is the first of our technology projects for the local market. Therefore, we deployed the best international expertise in all fields, be it the security and cyber protection or the telecom services, in addition to collaboration with a group of local companies in providing unmatched services, which together make Qatar Taxi the application of choice in Qatar."
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, Sheikh Hamad al Thani said:"We already have a data bank of 7,000 customers. The personal data, which is usually a concern for customers, will remain safe within our data bank, particularly since it is not linked to any international network."
According to a presentation by Al Dana, the official statistics point out that Qatar is witnessing a growth in all sectors, thereby attracting many visitors from other countries, in addition to increasing numbers of citizens and residents, and that's where the opportunity for such services come in handy.
The figure is further expected to register an upsurge with an increase in the number of events happening in various sectors and fields. This growth will be enhanced as the date of hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup approaches nearer.
In an effort to strengthen and improve the service network, the 'Qatar Taxi' will pursue several strategic partnerships with ministries and authorities, in addition to launching a wide range of offers, which will meet the needs of the society.
"Moreover, the features will be upgraded from time to time after receiving feedbacks from the industry veterans," Sheikh Hamad al Thani added.
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