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THE second edition of Katara Oud Festival continued on Friday to present its musical nights with several oriental performances on offer by artists and bands from Oman, Iran, Qatar, Morocco, Syria, Azerbaijan and Indonesia.
The festival also presented a lecture under the theme of 'Al Farabi: The Second Teacher', which reaffirmed that Al Farabi was the first to come up with the theoretical and practical basics of musical sciences, noting that his book 'The Book of Music' addressed the science of melodies and harmony between acoustic levels and how the ear translates melodies into meanings.
The second edition of Katara Oud Festival, which takes place under the theme 'Al Farabi: The Second Teacher' launched on Thursday with the participation of 17 Arab and world countries.
The four-day festival features a number of events and activities, including musical nights at Katara Opera House, daily performance by Indonesian bands at Al Farabi theatre, a number of lectures, an exhibition on historical oud instruments at Building 19, besides the presence of oud-maker shops on a daily basis. (QNA)
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