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MINISTRY of Interior(MoI) statistics showed that the number of on-arrival visas given to countries whose citizens can enter the country without prior entry visa, has increased in February compared to the previous month.
The ministry said in a press statement that the total number of on-arrival visas issued in February reached 72,110 for nationals of 90 countries, an increase of 2.7 percent compared to January 2018.
The MoI said that the increase reflects Qatar's position in the world and the convenient and easy services it provides to its visitor and the security and stability it enjoys in addition to its economic status and attractive labour market. The statistics also indicate that the General Directorate of Passports was able to complete 1,515,752 different transactions.
These transactions include the services performed at the entry ports according to the departments and sections of the General Directorate of Passports, which are expatriate affairs, unified services, airport passports, border passports, search and follow-up, the elderly section, the permanent committee on applications for recruitment and other transactions.
The transactions carried out through the Airport Passports Department topped the list in terms of number, with 1,053,883 transactions, according to the statement.
Moreover, the transactions carried out through the unified services department, through their service centres spread in the geographic regions ranked second with 268,375 transactions, while those done through the expatriate affairs department came in third place with 76,348 transactions.
At the level of the service centres, the statement said that in terms of the number of transactions completed during the month of February, Al Rayan Services Center topped the list completing 25.7 percent of the total transactions, followed by Al Wakrah Services Center (13.3 percent) and Messier Service Center (12.4 percent), which indicates the availability of such services to the public in their geographical and residential areas.
The transactions performed through the electronic portals reached 208,267 transactions during the same month through the e-government portal of the department of expatriate affairs, the MoI website and 'Metrash2' application, in view of the ease of completing the transactions and the easy access to those portals.
The MoI confirmed the implementation of all security standards and verification of various transactions in the General Directorate of Passports as well as the provision of a safe environment and ease in the completion of transactions of the public in a record time.
The ministry called on the public to commit to providing all the requirements for completing transactions and using the electronic portals provided by the General Directorate of Passports to the public to perform their transactions to reduce time and effort.
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