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Old Doha Port is ready to welcome families, culinary enthusiasts and entertainment-seekers for a lineup of fun events during the Eid Al-Fitr break. From the first day of Eid until April 20, the port is set to extend the joyous atmosphere cultivated during the Holy Month of Ramadan with a series of vibrant activities.

This Eid break, the Mina district will again be the main attraction for audiences as it will feature a diverse range of activities and shows that will take place every day from 4 pm to 10 pm. Music will highlight the spirit of celebration as Maritime traditional bands, Qanun performers and roaming musicians take centre stage. The Port has festivities for adults and children with face paintings and balloon twists to engage the public.

Attractions include the headless family, stilt walkers, and interactive science and bubble shows for family entertainment. Culinary enthusiasts will be treated to the Throwback Food Festival extension until April 16, alongside cotton candy and ice cream shows. Additionally, the Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Festival at Mina Park, featuring over 50 vendors from April 11 to 2, promises further culinary delights.

Mohammed Abdulla Al Mulla, Chief Executive Officer of the Old Doha Port, shared his excitement: “We’re thrilled to have everyone join us for Eid. Old Doha Port is a popular place for locals, residents, and tourists, thanks to our year-round events. We’re dedicated to ensuring all our visitors have a great time and keeping our place as the hotspot for fun in the country.”

Eid Al-Fitr is the culmination of Ramadan, full of exciting activities at the Old Doha Port with a fusion of culture and tradition on display. The Ramadan canons were a trademark of this month, and their daily exhibition reminded people of iftar timings. Other prominent features were the Musaher Al Mina, Souq Al Mina, and Wada’a Ramadan. On the 14th evening of Ramadan, Garangao night at the Port was also celebrated in its full festivity. The destination was also host to the Throwback Food Festival, which attracted food enthusiasts from all over the country. The Throwback Food Festival is ongoing and will be open to the public until the 16th.

Continuing its commitment to entertaining the public, the Mina District will be the main hub for visitors during the Eid break, with entertainment options available for all ages. It welcomes new visitors and those returning for fun, music, and evening celebrations.

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