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I.H.G.’s capital increase from 830,000,000 shares to 3,404,037,500 shares

IHG opens business potential in vital sectors: Healthcare, Professional Services, Contracting, Industries, and Ventures

Investment Holding Group Q.P.S.C. has announced today the allocation of its increase in authorized share capital, following Qatar’s pioneering reverse acquisition.

This announcement is based on the decision of IHG’s Extraordinary General Assembly held on April 11th, 2022, approving the acquisition of Elegancia Group by IHG. and the increment of the company’s authorized and paid-up share capital by 2,574,037,500, shares.

Consequently, the number of IHG’s shares has increased, according to the increase in its capital, from 830,000,000 shares to 3,404,037,500 shares.

IHG has issued and allocated the increased shares to the owners of Elegancia, as a result of the acquisition process.

The capital increase is a positive result of the acquisition process, giving IHG. colossal business potential and expansion capabilities in vital and lucrative sectors, increasing its revenue streams.

Investment Holding Group announced last week a strategic reorganization of its businesses into five sectors: Healthcare, Professional Services, Contracting, Industries, and Ventures. This reorganization will capitalize on Qatar’s ever-expanding market size and more closely align with the company’s priorities for future growth.


IHG will be announcing planned expansions involving developing and operating hospitals, new tourist destinations, modern construction industries, and other businesses.

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