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Qatar tribune

EAA, in partnership with UNFPA, and through a network of youth volunteers, is spearheading a transformative wave of initiatives, reaching thousands of children and youth with crucial support. From educational programmes to health and psychosocial interventions, these initiatives embody a comprehensive response to the urgent needs of those affected by the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Through collaboration with local partners and a commitment to community resilience, these young leaders are not just addressing immediate challenges but laying the groundwork for a hopeful, revitalized future in Gaza. As of March 1, 2024, more than 625,000 students in Gaza have no access to education, and 392 educational institutions have sustained significant damage. 4,851 students and 239 teachers have been killed, IDP used 318 school buildings as shelters, and 142 of them were attacked.

Currently, more than a million people are sheltering in 145 UNRWA Schools. Nearly all the million children in the enclave require mental health support. The funding needs for education are estimated at $855 million for Gaza to allow partners to respond to the dire education and wellbeing needs of children and school staff, according to the UNICEF Education Cluster.

Individuals looking to contribute and support ‘Keswet Al Eid’ can donate new clothing items directly after Taraweeh prayer until midnight at designated clothes boxes located at Al-Mujadilah Centre and Mosque for Women, and Minaretein Mosque in Education City.

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