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The International Boxing Federation (IBA) remains banned from the Olympic family as the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said on Tuesday it has turned down an IBA appeal against last year’s decision.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) withdrew its recognition of IBA as its international federation for the sport in June 2023 in connection with long standing governance and financing concerns.

The IBA appealed, and a CAS hearing took place in November.

The CAS said it upheld the IOC decision because IBA “had not complied with the conditions set down by the IOC for recognition.” It said the IBA “had not increased its financial transparency and sustainability including through diversification of revenues”; it had “not changed its process relating to referees and judges to ensure its integrity”; and it had “not ensured the full and effective implementation of all the measures proposed by the ‘Governance Reform Group’ established by the IOC, including a change of culture.

“As a consequence, the Panel determined that these three elements justified the IOC Session’s decision to withdraw recognition of the IBA and emphasized that the IOC’s right to control the circumstances in and the conditions on which it confers recognition outweighed the IBA’s personality rights,” the CAS said.

Boxing remains part of the Paris Games but like 2021 in Tokyo qualifying and the Olympic tournament is run by the IOC.

There was no immediate reaction from the IBA but its Russian president, Umar Kremlev, said last year they would appeal at Switzerland’s federal supreme court if they lost their appeal at CAS.

However, that court will act if procedural requirements are not fulfilled or the CAS ruling may breach national law.

A new governing body, World Boxing, was founded last year and is aiming for IOC recognition.

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