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Qatar Volunteers once again demonstrated its commitment to community service by organising the annual iftar campaign. With the dedicated efforts of dozens of volunteers, more than 2,500 iftar packets were distributed to motorists on the streets and at key traffic signals across the city.

The initiative aimed not only to provide iftar during the fasting period but also to raise awareness of safe driving practices, particularly during the rush to break the fast. By offering motorists iftar packets, the volunteers encouraged them to take their time and drive safely, emphasising the importance of reaching their loved ones without endangering themselves or others on the road.

The campaign, which has become a cherished tradition for Qatar Volunteers, marks its 15th consecutive year. Since its inception in 2008, the Iftar Drive Campaign has been a beacon of compassion and community spirit, inspiring similar initiatives by various groups and individuals throughout the city.

“We believe that the story of Qatar Volunteers’ Ramadan Iftar Drive 2024 encapsulates the essence of unity, compassion, and civic responsibility that our community strives to uphold. We would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Asif Nazir and Mehran Abbasi for their exemplary leadership and dedication. Their initiative and passion have been a driving force behind the success of this campaign,” said founder of Qatar Volunteers, Sayed Ali, affectionately known as Speed O Ali.

This year’s campaign received invaluable support from Riyaz Ahmed Bakali, Director of TNG Schools, who generously provided storage space for the iftar items and facilitated the packing process. Additionally, Asif Khawaja hosted an iftar dinner for all the volunteers involved in the initiative, further exemplifying the spirit of solidarity and gratitude that defines Qatar Volunteers.

“We would also like to thank Ikram Hussain Butt, President of Pakistan Overseas Community Global Qatar, Sajjad Khan, Naveed Ahmad, Sajjad Ahmad, Naveed (Matrix), and Asif Chaudhary for their contribution to the drive,” added Ali.

Qatar Volunteers is a dynamic group of residents dedicated to organizing various community activities throughout the year, including blood donation drives, beach clean-up efforts, and disaster relief initiatives, both locally and internationally, in collaboration with other NGOs.

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