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DOHA: At the initiative of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of the Education Above All Foundation, the foundation launched the 'Eid Clothes' campaign for children in Gaza, in partnership with the Qatar Red Crescent, the Al-Manaratain Center, and the Al-Majadala Center and Mosque, as part of the effortsto provide humanitarian support.

The campaign will provide a wide range of new clothes for children from 0 to 16 years old, and donations will begin to be received from the 24th of Ramadan until the first day of Eid Al Fitr, at the designated collection points at Al-Majadala Center and Mosque and Al-Manaratain Center in Education City.

In this regard, Fahd Al-Sulaiti, CEO of the Education Above All Foundation, confirmed that the foundation is making unremitting efforts to provide humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, saying, “Our vision goes beyond the warmth provided by these clothes to include broader support, including mental health services, recreational activities, university grants, hygiene supplies, youth initiatives, and meals for the displaced.”

He explained that an integrated support system had been prepared to meet the complex needs of those living in difficult circumstances, stressing the dimensions of this initiative in consolidating the values ​​of solidarity and synergy with Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip who are facing extremely difficult circumstances.

For his part, Faisal Mohammed Al-Emadi, Secretary-General of the Qatar Red Crescent, praised the strategic partnership with the Education Above All Foundation, which has yielded many humanitarian achievements for the benefit of those in need in several countries, noting that this cooperation is not the first of its kind between the two sides, nor will it be the last, as they are intensifying their efforts and mobilizing their resolve to provide relief to our people in Gaza, and they will not delay in participating in any work that will support their steadfastness and meet their basic needs in these difficult circumstances.

The Education Above All Foundation, in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund and through its network of young volunteers, is leading a transformative wave of initiatives that are reaching thousands of children and youth with essential support. These supports include educational programs and health, psychological and social interventions. These initiatives embody a comprehensive response to relief needs for those affected by the ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Through collaboration with local partners and commitment, these young leaders are working to address immediate challenges, while laying the foundation for a hopeful and vibrant future in Gaza.

Since March 1, 2024, the efforts of more than 625,000 students in the Gaza Strip to obtain education have been hampered, 392 educational institutions were severely damaged, 4,851 students and 239 teachers were killed, and the displaced used 318 school buildings as shelters, and 142 of them were attacked.

Currently, more than one million people live in 145 UNRWA schools, and all children in the sector (numbering approximately one million children) need additional support targeting their mental health and funding needs are estimated at $855mn to respond to children’s basic education needs, and school employees, according to UNICEF's Education Group.

Individuals wishing to contribute and support the 'Eid Clothes' in Gaza can make their contributions by donating new clothes directly after Tarawih prayers until midnight, by placing them in designated clothing boxes at the Al-Majadala Women’s Center and Al-Manaratain Mosque in Education City, or donating through the channels available to the foundation.

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