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The College of Health Sciences at University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) received the Canadian EQual Accreditation for three of its distinguished bachelor programmes; Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiography, Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine and Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy. The accreditation award certificates were presented toDr. Salem Al-Naemi, president of UDST by Accreditation Canada CEO, Lauralee Thompson in the presence of a high delegation from both entities.

The accreditation is a true testament to the quality of applied and academic education provided at UDST. The recognition ensures that graduates of these programmes are well-prepared with the latest knowledge and best practices, equipping them to deliver effective care upon entering their respective fields.

The success of UDST’s programmes in meeting assessment requirements was highlighted during on-site surveys conducted by EQual specialists. The engagement of faculty instructors, clinical practicum supervisors, and students was particularly noted, reflecting an undeniable commitment to excellence.

In addition to honing healthcare skills, the four-year degrees provide students with the opportunity to delve into their roles within a holistic learning experience. Emphasis is placed on developing clinical competency, fostering the right attitudes, and practicing sound judgment, strengthening the quality of healthcare these graduates can provide in their communities.

Dr. Rachid Benlamri, vice president, Academic Affairs at UDST, commented on the programmes’ remarkable achievement, stating: “UDST takes pride in educating the next generation of healthcare providers in Qatar and across the globe. The recognition received by EQual Accreditation is a testament to our ongoing efforts to offer exceptional programmes that meet internationally recognised standards and contribute to the Nation’s labour needs and Qatar Vision 2030.”

Roman Savka, director of Health Education Accreditation, Accreditation Canada commented on the notable achievement by the University, saying: “Accreditation Canada congratulates the University of Doha for Science and Technology for receiving its first EQual accreditations. These accreditations for Paramedicine, Medical Radiography, and Respiratory Therapy are a sign of excellence in health education and show UDST’s commitment to ensuring its graduates provide safe, high-quality care at their entry to practice in Qatar’s health system.”

The College of Health Sciences offers 13 cutting-edge programmes including two master’s, nine bachelor’s and two diplomas. Students’ learning experience takes place in state-of-the-art facilities and is guided by a high calibre of faculty with comprehensive international experience. This exemplary array of programmes and offerings supports the University’s mission to build a strong and thriving healthcare workforce.

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