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THE Advisory (Shura) Council held its regular weekly meeting under the chairmanship of its Speaker HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al Mahmoud in Doha on Monday.
The meeting was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani in response to the invitation of the Speaker to preset the foreign policy of the State of Qatar in light of the unjust siege.
On behalf of the Council members and himself, Mahmoud welcomed the FM and expressed his thanks for accepting his invitation and attending the meeting. Mahmoud invited the FM to address the Council members, listen to their point of view and respond to their questions and inquiries on the foreign policies of the State.
The FM speech and discussions focused on the unjust siege and the policies of Qatar in dealing with the matter and the measures it has taken. He also touched upon the updates of the Kuwaiti Emir's mediation.
Talks also focused on regional and international relations of Qatar and its stances towards the region's issues especially the Palestinian cause and Syrian crises and their developments, as well as the war in Yemen and the situation in Libya. In addition, the address spoke about the relations with Iran and the efforts of Qatar to combat terrorism which has gained international recognition. The Qatari-US strategic dialogue and its outcomes of strategic partnership commitments between both countries were also discussed.
After the discussion, on behalf of the Council members and himself, Mahmoud thanked the FM for his explanation and the information he provided on the foreign policies and Qatar's stances towards regional and international issues. He also thanked the FM for responding to the questions and inquiries of the Council members.
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