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Hisham Aljundi
THE Juvenile Police Department in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) held a seminar in Doha on Monday focusing on the risks of driving without a licence, especially for minors.
Various officials of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) representing different departments spoke on the consequences of driving without a licence at the seminar, which was attended by a large number of students from different schools.
Prominent speakers at the seminar were Captain Shahin al Atiq from Juveniles Police Department, Captain Ali al Aswad from Traffic Investigation Office, First Lieutenant Fahad Shreida from Traffic Awareness Department and preacher Khalid Boumouza.
The speakers stressed the role of parents in combatting this phenomenon and said that it is a mutual responsibility of the police and the parents to check driving by minors.
Captain Atiq pointed out that some parents give their minor children cars to drive even before they reach the legal age to do so, adding that by doing so, the parents risk the safety of their own children.
According to him, schools can also play important role in raising awareness on the issue.
Captain Aswad said that they come across juveniles driving without a licence in course of inspections. He added,"The first procedure we do in such cases is to confiscate the car. Then, if the driver is a minor we immediately call the Juvenile Police to deal with the case and if he is not, we follow the full penalty procedure against him."
First Lt Shreida pointed out that even allowing juveniles to drive accompanied by their parents or an adult is a risk as that may encourage the juvenile to practise driving more on his own.
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