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Malek Helali
A QATARI delegation of students from Ahmad Bin Hanbal Secondary School for Boys representing the Ministry of Education and Higher Education participated in the student robotics conference in Kuwait on Monday.
The conference celebrates 15 years since the foundation of the Kuwaiti robotics centre as the first institution specialised in robotics and affiliated with the country's Ministry of Education. Furthermore, the conference aims to raise awareness of the robotics field of science and its role in technological advancement among students.
The conference provides an incubating environment for students' creativity and innovation in this field and encourages them to benefit from modern technologies.
In a statement on Monday, the Qatari delegation and its supervisors said that the conference represents an opportunity to share experiences in the field of robotics as their visit introduces them to various practical applications of the field through the planned workshops and presentations.
On the first day, the team representing Qatar gave a presentation on the project of quick intervention in firefighting and human rescue which is a technical scientific project that emphasises the role of robots in serving the community.
Students Abdulrahman al Ansari and Abdulaziz al Tawanji explained the project idea that was initiated based on some incidents witnessed by Qatar previously such as the 'nursery fire incident in 2012' which drove the need to work on solutions serving and protecting the Qatari society and its safety.
Engineer Adel, an officer at the firefighting department in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior, recommended the implementation of the students' project in order to benefit from its advantages ensuring the safety of a firefighter and the public community.
President of the delegation Mariam al Awadhi offered Dr Haytham al Athari, representative of Kuwait's Minister of Education, a souvenir shield on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar.
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