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Malek Helali
MOST cultural events merely rely on exhibiting crafts related to the Qatari culture. However, the ideal way of representing Qatar's national heritage is through its people and emerging generations, according to the President of the Qatari Students Association (QSA) at Texas A&M University Qatar (TAMUQ) Mohammad al Mansouri.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune recently, the QSA president highlighted the significance of the association's recent Mal Lawal event, a diverse cultural display celebrating Qatar's heritage. Mansouri noted that the vision behind Mal Lawal was to introduce the Qatari culture in a proper way.
"So far, we have had our national day event for the Qatari audience and the time has come to do something for non-Qataris. The Qatari culture is not made up of mere crafts. It's made up of us," he added.
According to QSA president, an ideal representation of Qatar's culture can be achieved by letting the Qatari students of TAMUQ represent their culture in their own ways.
Mansouri noted that everything at the event was made by the QSA members."We wanted to disprove the stereotypical image that portrays Qataris as show offs who don't work with their hands, so here they did in Mal Lawal which will not be the last occasion to prove that," he added.
Mansouri also said that the purpose behind the organisation was to place as many Qatari students in leadership positions as possible."In our organisation, we simulate the hierarchy of the real workforce in companies and we try to plan our events by following this system."
"Therefore, we are not only interested in the success of the event, but rather aim to leave the event with an acquired work experience and with most of our QSA members having learned how to work professionally," he said.
Mansouri noted that thanks to QSA, the association's members matured so fast in TAMUQ."During the organisation, we give everyone the chance to gain project management skills through assigning a different leader to each event and sometimes more than one leader. We don't want events that are made by one or two students where the rest just sit back. Everyone raises the name of QSA here. Additionally, our goal is for our members to gain human management skills which are among the most critical skills any employee can acquire," he said.
The association's president said that Mal Lawal visitors were impressed by the QSA members who were continuously on their toes and present in every corner throughout the event."Whoever attended the event could not tell the president and the regular members apart unless they read the badges, and this is quite an honour for us to say that all our members are the true presidents of QSA," he concluded.
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