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Bags today are not just for carrying things but are clearly a style statement. Invest in different kinds of bags like the gable or the cover changing ones to change your look for the coming year.
Sanjay Dua, founder of Lino Perros, and Dilip Kapur, founder of Hidesign, give a few inputs:

* Cute mini-bags with floral or colour blocked solids are the perfect day-to-night wear.

* For the multi-tasking women of today, cover-changing bags bring in the revolution to the smart bags category. With flap-changing options, cover-changing bags can be used on multiple occasions.

* Unique designs with a story like Maasai bags, which are traditional bags used by the Maasai people in Kenya, become conversational pieces.

* Tassels always add a little bohemian touch to an item, sometimes in a way that adds contrast, and at other times as a natural extension of an already somewhat hippie design. Pair it up with a bohemian dress for a boho-chic look.

* Bucket bags, especially the smaller-sized ones, remind of renaissance fairs. These bucket bags now come in varied designs and different sizes with a drawstring on top.

* Florals are always an epitome of feminism and with every season, its demand is burgeoning. Whether it is soothing soft vintage floral or a hint of loud floral infusions, they are the best choice for summer dresses.

* Backpacks are much more comfortable. Sure, a backpack might never be an appropriate choice for more formal wear but high fashion certainly has a place in daily life.

* A clutch is a symbol of sophistication, and a testament that one is willing to sacrifice convenience for class. Team it up with a short dress for an evening gathering.
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