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Qatar Chamber's Committee on Agriculture and Environment on Monday called for the unification of all entities responsible for the development of strategies, studies and laws on food security in Qatar.
The committee believes that the centralisation of such operations would simplify the path towards the goal.
The call was made at a meeting held under the chairmanship of Qatar Chamber (QC) board member Mohammed bin Ahmed al Obeidli in Doha on Monday. At the meeting, the committee's name was changed to the"Committee on Food Security and Environment".
The QC members attending the meeting have also called for the development of an appropriate integrated infrastructure that supports food security projects in the country and stressed the importance of facilitating the procedures for establishing and developing such projects.
They also praised the country's efforts to achieve food security and self-sufficiency, demanding more support for food projects, farmers and other food producers in the country.
The meeting, the first in 2018, focused on the troubles faced by farms owners, such as produce pricing, marketing and finance.
"The committee is keen to understand the private sector's views on food security and agriculture," Obaidli said, adding that if they encountered any problem, Qatar Chamber was willing to raise it to the authorities concerned.
"Our aim is to convey a complete picture of the reality of agriculture and food security to the proper authority."
The government has allocated QR70 million to support productive farms this year, he said and urged the private sector to take an active role in similar projects worth billions of riyals.
The meeting also discussed the importance of establishing specialised laboratories for food security to carry out the necessary analysis and tests on food items instead of sending them abroad.
QDB Manager of Agriculture and Fishers Ali al Mohannadi said there is a great demand for food security projects especially after the unjust blockade on Qatar.
He stressed the importance of developing, through investments, local farms which are estimated to number 1,400 in the country.
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