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DOHA: The Ministry of Labour, represented by the National Manpower Affairs Sector in the private sector, organised a series of dialogue sessions withprivate sector entities.

The sessions aimed to discuss the affairs of the national workforce in the private sector and find appropriate mechanisms to overcome the challenges and obstacles facing plans to increase the participation rates of the national workforce in private sector institutions.

Led by Shaikha Abdulrahman Al Badi, Assistant Undersecretary for National Manpower Affairs in the Private Sector, the meetings took place over several days, involving human resources heads from nine diverse areas including real estate, contracting, hospitality, health, associations, clubs, education, services, transportation, finance, insurance, industry, energy, and communication and information technology. These sessions focused on tackling challenges and finding effective methods to support national workforce integration in private-sector institutions.

The dialogue sessions are part of the Ministry of Labour's initiative to address the needs of the national workforce in the private sector. These efforts focus on developing suitable strategies for training and qualifying personnel through collaborative training programs. These programs aim to prepare a skilled national workforce that can adapt to evolving market trends. Additionally, the discussions revolve around implementing best practices for empowering the national workforce in the private sector.

The dialogue sessions serve as a vital interactive platform for private sector representatives to share ideas and best practices regarding job nationalization. These discussions aim to increase national workforce participation and foster a stimulating and attractive work environment for citizens in private-sector organizations.

To enhance the competitiveness of the national workforce in the job market, the Ministry of Labour offers advanced qualification and training programs. These programs are designed to prepare a competent national workforce capable of fulfilling job roles in major companies across various economic sectors in the private sector. This initiative is a crucial component of the third national development strategy and represents the final phase of Qatar National Vision 2030.

It is worth mentioning that the national workforce in the private sector is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Labour aimed at benefiting from national cadres in the labour market, identifying all the challenges it faces in the private sector, finding appropriate solutions to them, and opening new horizons for the national workforce in private sector companies, to ensure their active participation in the national development process witnessed by Qatar at all levels.

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