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The Ministry of religious Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs has opened two new mosques in Rawdat Al Hamama as part of its plan to expand the number of mosques and develop them in all regions and to keep pace with urban and population growth.
The two mosques can accommodate about 3,408 worshipers, with five imams' houses and two centres for Holy Quran memorisation, including all services facilities.
The mosque, which is located in the north-eastern side of the Rawdat Al Hamama has a capacity of 1,820 worshipers. It includes a main prayer hall, a mezzanine and three imams' houses and a Quran memorisation centre, while the other mosque located in the south-west side of Rawdat Al Hamama, has a capacity of 1,588 worshipers and includes a main prayer hall (men), a women's room and two imams' houses.
The ministry takes into account the requirements of green buildings, environmental standards, the conditions of sustainability in the use of electricity and water, and the preservation of the beauty of the Qatari architectural heritage.
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