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DOHA: Qatar Manpower Solutions Company (Jusour) is participating in the first-ever Web Summit 2024 in the Middle East hosted by Qatar, with an integrated program which primarily aims to draw thousands of entrepreneurs, and investors, alongside leaders of the technology sector from around the globe.

CEO of Jusour Company, Eng Abdul Hadi Bakhit Burgan launched the new website of Jusour in the presence of a host of entrepreneurs and investors participating in the summit. The website lays out multiple services and programs aimed at spurring the business market and offering opportunities for entrepreneurs and talented people.

Curated by Jusour, the PITCH business plan competition has been launched to engage the startups participating in the Web Summit 2024, during which those companies broach their ideas and strategies to a jury committee composed of leading founders of firms in the world.

Based on the participation roster, Jusour held two workshops under the theme of shaping the innovative future of Qatar through its CEO and head of operations and operations Director Ibrahim Al Mulla. Josour company offers an array of beneficial programs such as "Sahem" during the summit that was specifically designed to provide opportunities for partial jobs for students currently registered in universities and educational institutions accredited to Qatar, as well as the service of extending the alumni residence in Qatar.

Additionally, Josour operates to bridge the gap between academics and the labour market and offers services to students and entrepreneurs through invaluable platforms to promote their careers and lend impetus to a knowledge-based economy.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index, Qatar has been ranked first in the Arab region in the field of entrepreneurship and ranked eighth globally among the open countries in the world, in terms of streamlining the procedures of visas.

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