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NEW DELHI The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) on Saturday accused the Uttar Pradesh government of bias against the minority communities after many Muslim youths were arrested in a case of violence in the BJP-ruled state's Kasganj
JIH Secretary General Muhammad Salim Engineer demanded a judicial probe into the incident, saying the Uttar Pradesh Police had let off"the real culprit".
"The law enforcement agencies in Kasganj are having a very biased attitude against the minorities which is reflected in the substantially high number of arrest of youths from the Muslim community,"he said."The CrPC sections invoked against the arrested Muslim youths on charges of inciting and committing violence in Kasganj are also very strict while the real culprits have been let off or charged under very mild CrPC sections so that they can be bailed out easily."(IANS)
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