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DOHA: WHOOP, renowned for its smart wristband designed to measure athletic performance efficiency, has teamed up with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoCIT) to introduce a special competition in Qatar aimed at encouraging sports participation on National Sport Day.

The competition kicks off at the start of the National Sport Day and lasts for 24 hours. To participate in the challenge, interested individuals need to register via WHOOP App. The competition revolves around achieving the highest Strain Score as recorded by the smart wristband during exercise on Sports Day. As an incentive, participants will receive a discount corresponding to the percentage of effort expended and logged in their Whoop smart wristband data, which can be redeemed at the Whoop store.

This collaboration underscores the MCIT's commitment to integrating cutting-edge sports technologies into various events, particularly community gatherings. The overarching goal is to leverage technology to enhance the well-being of citizens and residents.

It is worth noting that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in collaboration with the Communications Regulatory Authority, is organizing its National Sport Day event on Tuesday, February 13, from 8am to 2pm at Al Bidda Park - Expo Doha 2023. MCIT welcomes everyone to join various sports activities and contests suitable for all ages, as well as to gain insights into healthy nutrition and wellness practices facilitated by technology.

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