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DOHA: Qatar will celebrate on Tuesday the 13th edition of the National SportDay under the slogan 'The Choice Is Yours,' which reaffirms the wise leadership's belief and insightful vision that sports are a key factor in building both Qatari citizens and residents alike.

The SportDay aims to increase awareness of the importance of physical health, encourage community members to engage in physical activity and promote the concept of sport for all. It also reflects the State's commitment to raising awareness about the importance of sports in achieving a comprehensive balance between the body and mind.

Qatar was a pioneer in the initiative to designate a national day for sports, in response to the Amiri decision No. 80 of 2011, stating that each Tuesday of the second week of February shall be Qatar National SportDay and that it shall be an official holiday.

Qatar's interest in sports stems from its complete awareness and realization of its significant role in building individuals as one of the most important elements in the processes of development. Sport actively and effectively contributes to the nation-building journey, especially since sports are a key pillar in Qatar National Vision 2030.

The designation of a National SportDay in the country aims to encourage the practice of sport, and elevate the ethical and humanitarian values of sport, as well as its health benefits. It also seeks to raise awareness among all segments of society about the importance of sport in daily life and encourage them to engage in it throughout the year.

Citizens and residents in Qatar will gather on Tuesday to celebrate the 13th edition of the National SportDay, affirming the importance of dedicating a national sports day and reinforcing the importance of sports as a healthy lifestyle.

The slogan 'The Choice Is Yours' was chosen for this day to emphasize the importance of making a thoughtful decision to engage in sports. It signifies the optimal choice to face contemporary challenges and combat chronic diseases resulting from a lack of physical movement. It also aims to promote awareness that the decision to practice sports should be based on understanding and awareness, where individuals themselves are responsible for making this decision and making sport an integral part of their lifestyle.

The increase in awareness of sports in Qatari society comes through the availability of all the necessary elements for practicing it. This is evident in the presence of a large number of public parks, reaching up to 150. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of licenses for sports activities in the private sector, totaling 1,216. Last year alone saw the issuance of 125 new licenses for sports activities.

Since the first edition of Qatar National SportDay in 2012, public squares and parks in the State have witnessed a large influx of citizens and residents of various age groups to practise sports and participate in diverse events across the country. These events turn the country into a large sports field on this day.

Activities are being held every year in the State's sports facilities, in addition to the public parks, clubs, stadiums, schools, and universities, with both government institutions and private sector entities actively participating. Employees and their families are allowed to participate in this special day.

On SportDay, Qatar transforms into a vast playground that welcomes sports enthusiasts of all ages. Squares, fields, and sports facilities become small arenas where various sports, whether individual or team-based, are practiced by all age groups.

The SportDay's events are scheduled to take place throughout the country on Tuesday, contributing significantly to promoting the culture of physical and sports activity. This year, there are 250 activities organized by both governmental and non-governmental entities.

The events this year will be evenly distributed across the country, providing everyone with the opportunity to participate and enjoy various sports activities.

Qatar is a pioneer in organizing SportDay at the regional and global levels. Some countries have started organizing a Sports Day similar to Qatar, given its importance to the individual and society.

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