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Qatar Charity (QC) has launched the project ‘Enhancing Specialised Child Health Services’ in northern Syria, with the support of benefactors from Qatar.

This comes as part of Qatar Charity’s efforts to improve healthcare services for children in northern Syria. The initiative involves supporting and operating the Paediatric Department of Al-Ra’i Hospital for 12 months, aiming to provide necessary treatment and reduce the child mortality rate.

More than 24,556 children are expected to benefit from the services, which will positively impact at least 122,780 individuals in the region. The project also includes support for medications and covering the operational costs of healthcare facilities.

The project will offer diverse services to support Al-Rai Hospital’s various departments, such as Outpatient Department, Hospitalisation Department, Neonatal and Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), in addition to a dedicated medical team working around the clock as well as Newborn Hearing Screening Department.

The medical staff in northern Syria considers this project to be a model for enhancing paediatric healthcare services in the region.

Abdul Fattah Al Qadi, an official of the Medical Office at the Local Council in northern Syria, stated: “Operating the services of the paediatric department of the hospital is of great significance for the services it provides for sick children, whether through its capacity, the provision of free medicines or the expertise of the medical staff who serve more than 130 children daily.”

On her part, Dr Alaa Al-Abood, a paediatric specialist at Al-Rai Hospital, stressed that, thanks to this support, the capacity of the Incubators Department has increased and the hospital has also been able to receive paediatric intensive cases.

She added, “Now, we can admit cases of fainting, dehydration, respiratory failure, lung diseases and others,” indicating that they used to refer these cases to Turkey.

Qatar Charity supports medical projects in northern Syria with the aim of providing specialised healthcare services and improving access to life-saving primary health services. The support involves operating primary healthcare centres, managing central warehouses for medical supplies, and ambulance and referral system in northwestern Syria.

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