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Qatar Charity (QC) inaugurated a new health centre in Ghana’s Dar ElSalaam village with the support of benevolent people of Qatar.

The health centre is expected to provide comprehensive healthcare services to more than 2,000 individuals belonging to the impoverished families of the village and neighbouring areas.

The 250-square-metre health centre is the first project of its kind in the area in the past 40 years. It provides vital healthcare services for the local community in Kadewaso.

Community leaders in Kadewaso and health officials in the Eastern Region of Ghana have stated that the new health centre is a beacon of hope for more than 2,000 people who have struggled immensely to receive primary healthcare services after the old clinic of the area was completely destroyed.

Emmanuel Annoh, Assembly man of Kadewaso, where the health centre was constructed, expressed his happiness with the construction of the centre by the philanthropists of Qatar.

He commended the ongoing efforts of Qatar Charity in serving the community and assisting the impoverished on various levels.

Atiwa East District Health Director Vida Efua Afful said, “I am very surprised at the speed and quality with which the facility was built and ready for operation. We are indeed grateful to Qatar Charity for this all-important edifice.”

Chief of the Kadewaso community Nana Osa Barima Duah II said, “This is the city of Dar ElSalaam, not the village of Dar ElSalaam.”

He thanked all those who contributed to the implementation of this project.

Hasan Owda, director of Qatar Charity’s Ghana Branch, said the new health centre is an important component of the greater Dar ElSalaam model village project implemented by Qatar Charity in Ghana.

He indicated that there were over 70 housing units under construction while 24 others were completed.

Owda added that the Dar ElSalaam Village, in addition to the newly opened health centre, includes housing units with a mosque, water wells, a variety of schools, an orphanage and economic empowerment projects in areas such as agriculture, bakeries, livestock farming and farms for cattle and poultry.

All these projects contribute to providing integrated services to the community, aiming to achieve a dignified life for everyone there.

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