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Qatar tribune


A Hamas delegation, headed by Khalil al-Hayya, deputy head of the movement in Gaza, arrived in Cairo for discussions on a potential ceasefire with Israel.

Egyptian officials estimated new negotiations would take at least 10 days before a truce begins as part of the first phase of the deal.

A Qatari delegation was also due to arrive in Egypt to begin “lengthy and in-depth” discussions to bridge the gap between what Hamas requested in its response to the original proposal mediated between Doha and Cairo with input from the US and Israel.

Israel’s Channel 13 earlier cited a senior official as saying some of the demands presented by Hamas are not acceptable. No further details were provided.

Israel previously said it will not pull its troops out of Gaza until Hamas is wiped out.

The report quoted the unidentified official as saying Israeli authorities would debate whether to reject Hamas’s proposals outright or ask for alternative conditions.

The diplomatic push comes during intense combat in Gaza with Israel pushing to capture the main city in the south of the enclave, Khan Younis, and fighting also resurging in northern areas Israel claimed to have subdued.

Israel said it plans to storm Rafah, raising alarm among international aid organisations who say an assault on the last refuge at Gaza’s edge would cause a humanitarian catastrophe for more than one million displaced people.

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