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Qatar tribune

Berlin: Germany’s state-owned railway Deutsche Bahn faced massive disruptions and widespread cancellations on Wednesday as train drivers from the GDL trade union began a six-day strike.

The strike is the fourth in a bitter collective bargaining dispute between the trade union and Deutsche Bahn. The strike would be the longest in the history of the railway, according to a spokeswoman.

The unionized train drivers began their strike on Tuesday evening on freight transport, before extending the strike to passenger rail service nationwide beginning at 2am (0100 GMT) on Wednesday morning.

The major strike, which is expected to largely paralyse rail transport throughout Germany, is scheduled to continue until Monday at 6pm.

Long-distance, regional and commuter rail service from Deutsche Bahn were all badly affected by the strike and running on very limited emergency timetables. Businesses and industrial plants have already complained of losses from delayed freight deliveries as well. (DPA)

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