Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Section of Doha Expressway to be closed for nine hours to install pedestrian bridge
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Section of Doha Expressway to be closed for nine hours to install pedestrian bridge

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announces the commencement of installing a steel structure pedestrian bridge on Doha Expressway (Al Amir Street) between New Al Mirqab Street and Talha bin Khalid Street at Nasser Bin Salmeen Al SuwaidiIntesection, as part of Qatar’s projects plan to build pedestrian bridges to enhance traffic safety throughout the country.
The construction of the pedestrian bridge aims to enable residents and visitors of the area to pass through Doha Expressway, reaching commercial facilities, and reduce accidents that pedestrians may be exposed to, especially since the bridge is located in a vital area that witnesses traffic congestion throughout the day, in addition to facilitating the connectivity between the people of Al Mirqab and Al Sudan.
This bridge, which is 62.40 meters long and 4.30 meters wide, is equipped with elevators on both sides that can accommodate a large number of users, including those with special needs, and is equipped with lighting systems, surveillance cameras, protection and firefighting systems, and a system for counting the number of bridge users. Ashghal continues to implement the construction of the pedestrian bridge in cooperation with the implementing entities to complete the mechanical and engineering works in finalizing the last touches on the bridge so that it will be opened to public by the end of 2020.
In order to facilitate the works, Ashghal will close a section of Doha Expressway for nine hours — traffic will be closed in both directions, as the main road will be closed for a distance of about 3.2 km from Al Rayyan Interchange to Nasser Bin Salmeen Al Suwaidi Intersection tunnel while keeping traffic on the service road open as well as the traffic signal.
Traffic will also be closed on the service road from Nasser Bin Salmeen Al Suwaidi Intersection in the direction of Doha, and traffic from Doha in the direction of Nasser Bin Salmeen Al Suwaidi Intersection.
During the closure, road users coming from Al Shamal in the direction of Doha via the Doha Expressway can go through the services road after Al Rayyan Interchange to reach Nasser Bin Salmeen Al Suwaidi Intersection, then turn right onto Al Waab Street to reach Al Waab Roundabout and return through the roundabout towards Ahmed Bin Taymiya Street, and then turn south towards Talha bin Khaled Street and Al Mashaf Street, and back south to the Doha Expressway, reaching their various destinations.
On the other hand, road users heading north from Doha via Doha Expressway must turn right towards New Al Mirqab Street and turn left towards Mohammed Bin Al Qasim Street to Al Sadd Street, then turn right to Joaan Street and then turn left at the Olympic Intersection and return to Doha Expressway and continue north on their way to their various destinations.
The Public Works Authority will install sufficient road signage to alert road users with this diversion. In order to ensure safety of all, commutes need to abide by the speed limit and follow the road signage.

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