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Ashghal begins work on interchange connecting eastern and western free zones with HIA
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Ashghal begins work on interchange connecting eastern and western free zones with HIA

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has started the construction work of a new interchange at the southern entrance of G Ring Road. 
The proposed interchange is near Ras Bufontas Free Zone, southwest of Hamad International Airport (HIA) and just before the Airport Interchange. This interchange is within the state's plan to complete Ashghal’s highway projects.
Ashghal clarifies that when completed in 2022, this interchange will connect eastern and western free zones with HIA, G Ring Road and surrounding road network including Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor, Ras Abu Abboud Street and Al Wakra Main Road.
The new two level interchange consists of works along 4kms including three bridges, each of them with three to four lane dual carriageways and four exits. The capacity of the interchange is about 10,000 vehicles per hour.
It also includes construction of three underpasses to facilitate networks of surface water drainage, treated water line for irrigation and telecommunication lines, as well as 2km long service roads on both sides of the interchange.

Strategic Interchange 
The new interchange is strategically important due to its location in the logistical area, as it will facilitate movement of goods and commodities from HIA and Free Zone to all regions within and outside Doha, as the interchange is located on G Ring Road leading to southern regions, Industrial Area and Al Majd Road. It also intersects with Ras Abu Abboud Street leading to Corniche and Doha Downtown. The new interchange also facilitates access to Sabah AlAhmad Corridor that connects Hamad International Airport towards Umm Lekhba Interchange on Shamal Road, enhancing traffic towards Airport Street and Al Wakra Main Road.
For his part, Eng. Yousef Al-Emadi, Director of Projects Affairs stressed that Ashghal implements its infrastructure projects based on the government’s plan and we are committed to meet deadlines. The Project Affairs Director also pointed out that Ashghal’s highway network has accomplished a qualitative surge in traffic across Qatar, and that all highway network projects are implemented as per Qatar Vision 2030.
On the other hand, Eng Bader Al Darwish, Manager of Highway Projects Dept at Ashghal clarified that several new highway projects are in the pipeline to be constructed in near future.  He also noted that the new interchange on G-Ring Road is mainly to serve the Free Zone that lacks a direct link with G Ring Road and this new interchange will provide the direct link between the Free Zone, G Ring Road and surrounding road networks that lead to all regions of the state. The new interchange is also vital because it connects G Ring Road and Ras Bu Abboud Street on one hand and facilitates traffic to Sabah Al-Ahmad Corridor, Airport Road and Al Wakra Road on the other hand.

Traffic Diversion 
In order to facilitate implementation of construction works of the new interchange, Ashghal will implement a partial closure at the southern entrance of G Ring Road near Free Zone in Ras Bufontas, southwest of HIA just before Airport Interchange. Thus, the emergency lanes in both directions will be closed, as well as one of the lanes from Al Wakra in the direction of Doha for a distance of 450 meters, from the evening of Thursday30thJuly 2020 and will last for a period of one month.
Ashghal ensures installing proper road signage to alert road users on this closure and calls on all commuters to adhere to these signage and the speed limits to ensure safety of all.

New Expressways
Noteworthy, the Public Works Authority "Ashghal" announced it had started implementing the upgrading works of the D-Ring Road. The project aims at improving traffic on the three main intersections of the D-Ring Road to provide free flow traffic by increasing the number of lanes on Fereej Al Ali intersection (known as Al Tadamon Intersection), Nuaija Intersection and providing free flow traffic on the intersection know as Lulu intersection. The improvements on intersections will enhance the traffic capacity and reduce traffic congestion in the area, especially on Fereej Al Ali intersection (known as Al Tadamon Intersection), which currently   witnesses high traffic volume.
The project upgrading works will include the construction of rainwater drainage tunnel, with a total length of about 3.5 km to improve the efficiency of drainage networks in the area. The project works will also include the construction of shared pedestrian and cycling lanes along the 4.5 km D-Ring Road on both sides.

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