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COVID-19 quarantine centres likely to wind up shortly as positive cases fall
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COVID-19 quarantine centres likely to wind up shortly as positive cases fall

Santhosh Chandran 
The coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine centres in Qatar are likely to wind up soon against the backdrop of the continuous decrease number of COVID-19 positive cases and increased recovery rates in the country as per the recent government reports.
The number of people in quarantine centres has also dropped after the government implemented the ‘Ehteraz App’ and requisitioned self-quarantine procedures following strict medical guidelines and protocols.
While COVID-19 positive cases continue on a constant drop on account of public health measures enforced by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), hundreds of volunteers recruited in COVID-19 quarantine centres and shelters have been leaving the camps, praising Qatar government’s initiatives in controlling the situation effectively.
“My experience as a volunteer in a COVID-19 care camp at Mekainis near Abu Samra was gratifying and the systematic and scientific measures taken by the authority to tackle the situation were highly impressive,” said Rashid Muhammed, an Indian expatriate raised in Doha, is on of committed volunteer youth recruited by Qatar Red Crescent Society. 
Rashid was enrolled as a volunteer in QRCS at the end of April and was given responsibility to take care of COVID-19 positive patients who were sheltered at Mekainis. He was given professional training by the QRCS prior to his appointment.
“The training offered by QRCS was very helpful in handling the situation effectively the cases reported every day in the camps. We were provided with all personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper instructions to deal with people who are in depression and fear of the pandemic that shook the world,” Rashid told Qatar Tribune.
The camp at Mekaines had a capacity to accommodate over 15,000 people. The camp featured new residential buildings with all the amenities required for the treatment and it was divided into different blocks which had a capacity to accommodate nearly 2,000 patients. Apart from this, a well-organised administration body comprising hundreds of individuals who were designated as trained health volunteers, security staff, cleaners and medical professionals also acted as saviors to overcome the crisis.
“We worked day and night with the strength received from QRCS and other government entities. Even though the initial days were challenging, everything was under control and back to normal as a result of shared spirit and cooperation among the QRCS team. During the peak days of the coronavirus, we handled over 15,000 people who were brought to the quarantine centres from different areas across the country,” said Rashid, who worked steadily for more than two months.
According to him, the patients were served with delicious and nutritious food which included soups, salads and main course dishes five times every day. Patients were provided with clean and hygienic living rooms, sanitised washrooms and common drawing rooms with all facilities.
“COVID-19 positive cases were handled with utmost care along with the essential medical support and after completing the registration and easy documentation formalities, the positive patients were housed in special rooms, receiving adequate food and medicine required for their treatment. Immediate arrangements were setup when there was a hike in the number of COVID-19 patients and they were given necessary treatment,” added Rashid, a BBA graduate.  
As the number of COVID-19 positive cases reported in the country has taken a steady drop, the government has started closing down the quarantine centres one by one across the country and Rashid is also back in his home by the first week of July.
All the volunteers who served at Qatar’s quarantine centres will be honoured at a function in Doha later.

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