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Health Minister visits Mesaieed Hospital as last COVID-19 patients walk out
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Health Minister visits Mesaieed Hospital as last COVID-19 patients walk out

Catherine W Gichuki
Minister of Public Health HE Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari on Wednesday visited Hamad Medical Corporation’s Mesaieed Hospital, which discharged its last group of six patients who recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19). Dr Al Kuwari met two of the recovered COVID-19 patients.
Mesaieed Hospital becomes the second of HMC’s dedicated COVID-19 hospitals to discharge its final COVID-19 patients, following Ras Laffan Hospital at the start of July.
The facility will no longer receive COVID-19 patients.
Mesaieed Hospital was rapidly opened at the start of April as part of the healthcare sector’s comprehensive plan to expand hospital capacity and meet the increased demand as a result of COVID-19. The hospital is one of seven facilities that have been dedicated to caring for patients with COVID-19.
“The transformation of Mesaieed Hospital from an empty facility into a busy hospital providing high-quality care to patients with COVID-19 has been quite remarkable. The final recovered patients leaving the hospital are the last of more than 6,170 patients to have been treated at Mesaieed Hospital over the past few months and are among more than 100,000 patients to have recovered from COVID-19 in Qatar with the support of the healthcare system,” Dr Al Kuwari said.
“Right from the start of the virus outbreak, we have worked hard to ensure that every patient with COVID-19 is able to quickly access the medical care they need. Along with Ras Laffan and Lebseeyer Hospitals, and a field hospital in the Doha Industrial Area, Mesaieed Hospital was converted into an advanced treatment facility for COVID-19 patients within just a few weeks, significantly boosting the healthcare sector’s capacity. Congratulations to the leadership of Mesaieed Hospital and to the hundreds of dedicated staff who have worked tirelessly to deliver a world-class standard of care to thousands of COVID-19 patients,” she added.
Chairman of HMC’s System Wide Incident Command Committee (SWICC) Dr Saad Al Kaabi for COVID-19, said the closure of Mesaieed Hospital as a COVID-19 facility was a positive sign for Qatar, but warned the public against becoming complacent.
“The number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Qatar has been consistently falling in recent weeks and it is clear that we are past the peak of the virus. Yet despite this encouraging trend, there is still a significant risk from COVID-19 to people’s health. Every day, dozens of people are admitted to hospital needing treatment for their symptoms, with some requiring admission to Intensive Care Units. It is important that people remain vigilant and play their part in controlling the virus by following preventive measures: adhering to physical distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands regularly,” said Dr Al Kaabi.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, HMC Chief of Continuing Care Group and Acting CEO of Mesaieed Hospital Mahmoud S Al Rais said the hospital treated 6,173 patients from April till Wednesday. “The Mesaieed Hospital came in the right time because we needed it for COVID-19 so that we could admit our patients.”
He reiterated that most of the cases admitted at the hospital did not require the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facility.
“We prepared the ICU just in case of severe but fortunately we did not use the facility because the cases were mild. Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital was the main hospital of COVID-19 and the hospital used its ICU heavily. We didn’t admit any patient in ICU at Mesaieed Hospital.”
According to him, 45 ICU beds had been prepared and were ready to receive patients.
Al Rais said the plan on how to use the hospital was still under discussion. “We are still discussing and reviewing this after COVID. However, the facility will remain like that for some time just in case there’s resurgence in virus infection. After that the plan will be reviewed and decided to be a general hospital.”
Al Rais said, “It was not easy at the beginning of the epidemic because everybody was scared to be exposed. But we provided all the safety measures to them as well as motivating them. Being leaders, we worked hand in hand with them. They were really motivated to work. I take this opportunity to thank all those worked at Mesaieed Hospital and giving the best care to our patients.”
Al Rais said, “I would like to urge everyone to continue complying with the precautions and advice issued by the Ministry of Public Health. COVID-19 hasn’t gone completely. It is there so we need to follow all the precautionary measures.”

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