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Look up! People in Qatar will get to see Jupiter with naked eyes on Tuesday
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Look up! People in Qatar will get to see Jupiter with naked eyes on Tuesday

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People in Qatar will get to see Jupiter for a full night on Tuesday (July 14) as the giant planet reaches "Opposition" with the sun, the Qatar Calendar House announced on Monday.
Astronomy expert at QCH Dr Beshir Marzouk said this phenomenon was important because it would present a good opportunity for people to see Jupiter with their naked eyes. During this phenomenon, Jupiter will look brighter and larger than in other days because it will be at the nearest point from the Earth.
The Opposition phenomenon of Jupiter occurs once a year, Dr Marzouk said. It occurred last on June 10, 2019. The next Jupiter Opposition will happen on August 20, 2021, he added 
When Jupiter reaches Opposition with the sun, the centres of the three celestial objects (the sun, Earth and Jupiter) will be aligned in a straight line. Moreover, Earth will be in between Sun and Jupiter, which will lie at a distance of 4.14 astronomical units (AU) from the sun's centre. One AU is equal to 149.6 million kilometre approximately.
Qatar residents will be able to observe Jupiter from sunset on Tuesday until sunrise on Wednesday, where the time rise of Jupiter over the eastern horizon of Qatar sky on Tuesday, will be at 6:21 Pm Doha local time, while it will reach its highest point on the Qatar sky (42 degrees) at. 11:37 Pm Doha local time, then it will continue moving towards western horizon direction of Qatar sky; where the time set of Jupiter on Wednesday, July 15, will be at the same time of Sunrise over Qatar sky approximately. Dr. Marzouk added.
Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system planets; Jupiter has 79 known moons. The four largest moons of Jupiter called Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto, moons were discovered by Galileo Galilei.

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