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MME, Mahaseel launch Daman programme to support local farmers
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MME, Mahaseel launch Daman programme to support local farmers

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The Ministry of Municipality and Environment, in cooperation with the Mahaseel for Marketing and Agricultural Services, launched of the Daman programme to support local farmers.
The programme will strike pre-contracts with farmers to purchase vegetables they cultivate for the 2020/2021 season, with the aim of setting guarantee prices and to ensure the farmers set their production plan according to the needs of the local market.
The programme includes farmer contracting with crops company on 12 types of basic vegetables — tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, pepper deer, eggplant, roman lettuce, American lettuce, gulgelan, parsley, mint, green onion, and dill.
This season, a contract will be signed between the farmers and Mahaseel company at incentive prices for farmers to ensure the best income for the farmer when contracting to grow these crops.
The Ministry guarantees to farmers, through this program, the average contract prices for basic vegetables (about 5 riyals / kg), and for foliage (about 6.5 riyals / kg), and the ministry also includes fixed "guarantee rates" for the first and second grades of vegetables throughout the season regardless of market prices  .
The Ministry of Municipality and Environment called on farmers to initiate registration for early pre-contracting with the crops company to lay down their production plans and ensure sale at high guarantee prices and achieve distinct income for their farms, noting that registration is open until 10/31/2020.

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