Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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COVID-19: One infected person can transmit virus to three others
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COVID-19: One infected person can transmit virus to three others

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National Epidemic Preparation Committee Co-Chair Dr Abdullatif al Khal has advised the public in Qatar to maintain utmost caution against COVID-19 as each new case of a disease is expected to produce three other infections.
Going by the basic reproduction number of the noval coronavirus, each infected person transmit the virus to three others and each of those three would transmit to three others and so on, Dr Khal said in a special interview on Thursday.
Dr Khal said authorities are aiming to bring this number down to one and then the virus transmission would recede. He said measures like quarantining and social distancing will go a long way in achieving it.
Dr Khal said the virus will not go away even if the precautionary measures have been eased and “we must realize that the risk of the virus has not been eliminated”.
"Even after the restrictions are lifted, it is very important that people leave their homes only for the most urgent necessity, and this applies in particular to those 60 years and over, who suffer from chronic diseases."
Preventive measures "will become a new lifestyle" despite the drop in indicators
But if people abandon social separation and preventive measures, the virus may start transmitting faster and everyone should adhere to routine prevention.
It is extremely important that people with symptoms undergo early examination to prevent their condition from deteriorating.

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