Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Qatar University opens probe into ‘immoral’ sale of seats by some students
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Qatar University opens probe into ‘immoral’ sale of seats by some students

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Qatar University on Saturday confirmed that some students who have secured seats for some of the summer 2020 courses were trying to sell those seats to other students.
The university termed the practice an immoral act that would attract legal consequences.
In a statement released on Saturday, the university said it has opened an investigation into the act and intends to take the necessary measures against it.
“The university confirms its keenness to provide students with equal educational opportunities that guarantee them all access to quality university education in accordance with international academic standards,” the statement said.
“Qatar University renews its confidence in its students and their commitment to university regulations and instructions, and stresses that they do not spare an effort to overcome all the difficulties facing their path, and is currently studying the possibility of raising the capacity of some courses and introducing new groups that meet the students ’needs and desires in the summer semester.”
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