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Spanish expatriate lauds Qatar after recovering from COVID-19
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Spanish expatriate lauds Qatar after recovering from COVID-19

Catherine W Gichuki
Qatar’s excellent medical care being offered to COVID-19 patients is continuing to garner huge praise. A 50-year-old Spanish expatriate, who recovered from coronavirus (COVID-19), lauded the government for the excellent care he received for his recovery.
Borja Entrala Fabregas, who spent about 11 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), said if it was not for the world-class care he received, it would have been worse. 
Fabregas, a husband and father leaving in Qatar for 8 years, said he tested positive after a showing symptoms such as pain on his neck, weakness, diarrhoea, vomiting, losing conscious and passing out. Fabregas said he never got any cough or any difficulty in breathing until the last minute he was taken to the hospital.
The Spaniard said his family decided to call an ambulance when he passed out for the second time. “We suspected that it was COVID-19, but since I didn’t have any coughing we thought it could be something else.”
The ambulance took him to Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital where he was tested positive for COVID-19. He was also diagnosed with severe pneumonia.
At first, he stayed in the hospital ward for three days and then taken to the ICU after his condition deteriorated. 
“I had difficulties in breathing. I was so short of breath that I couldn’t even sleep. At the ICU he was sedated. When my condition improved I was taken out of the ICU to the ward,” he said.
Fabregas said he was discharged from the hospital for self quarantine after he got two negative tests for COVID-19.
“I stayed in my bedroom away from my family for 14 days during self-quarantine.”
Fabregas said he lost between 15 to 20 kilos.
“Now, I am recovering well, thanks to all the treatment I received. Doctors, nurses, cleaners and others took good care of me,” he added.
Talking about Qatar’s healthcare facilities, he said, “I am so happy that Qatar took good care of me. This country has an amazing system. The facilities were 5-star. I am 50 years old and I have been to so many countries in the world and I can say beside the facilities, the human resources that Qatar is pulling now, especially for the COVID-19 crisis, is amazing. From the places I have been it is the best by far.”
“The services being given at the hospital was 5-star. The facility was brand new and the equipment was excellent. They saved my life.”
He said it was because he was in Qatar that he was still alive. 
According to him, if this had happened to him in his home country he is not sure if he would have made it.
“The health system in Qatar is wonderful. And on top of that it is free. Twenty-five days in the ward and about 11 days in ICU, if it was anywhere else in the world, it would have cost a lot of money. But everything here was taken care of.”
Fabregas said that luckily for him, he is a healthy man and he is recovering well. His wife makes wonderful dishes for him. “She is really taking very good care of me.”
None of his family members tested positive. 
He said that the first day he tested positive, healthcare providers went to his house to test everyone in his household. “Luckily the test came out negative for all of them.
“When I got a little better, I was very happy to see my wife and kids, thanks to the technology. My condition now is getting better slowly,” he added.      
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