Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Two persons in a car rule includes children: MoI official
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Two persons in a car rule includes children: MoI official

Maryam Maged Abouzaid

The recent Cabinet decision mandating only two persons in a car, includes children, a senior Ministry of Interior (MoI) official has said.


He said children travelling in a car will be considered as passenger as part of the two persons in a car rule and can leave the house when absolutely necessary.

Congratulating people on the occasion of blessed Eid Al Fitr, Brigadier Abdullah Khalifa al Muftah, Director of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Interior, emphasised on the community’s role to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“We count on the community’s responsibility to follow instructions to limit the spread of the COVID-19,” he said in an interview aired on Qatar TV.

Brig Al Muftah repeatedly emphasised on the importance of following the procedures, saying that police patrols will be in different areas to follow up on the implementation of decisions and advise people.

“Achieving the target of zero cases daily will be possible with the cooperation of everyone. So, we ask individuals to follow the procedures and not to visit each other and to apply social distancing,” Brig Al Muftah said.
He added that reporting gatherings during Eid Al Fitr is through the emergency number 999.
“It is everyone’s responsibility to help limit the COVID-19 spread by staying at home. This will play an effective part in controlling this epidemic,” he said.

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