Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Public reluctance to go to hospitals wanes as PHCC tightens COVID-19 safety measures
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Public reluctance to go to hospitals wanes as PHCC tightens COVID-19 safety measures

Qatar’s Primary Health Care Corporation on Wednesday said it has taken all preventive measures to guarantee the safety of the people and health workers at its centres across the country against COVID-19.
The corporation said it has noted a decline in people’s reluctance to go to hospitals due to fears surrounding the COVID-19 transmission, as a result of these measures.
PHCC also reassured all people that it has worked to tighten its strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease in all of its 27 health centres throughout the country.
It explained that these integrated measures aim to ensure the maintenance of the safety of health facilities so that people have access to health care services with high reliability.
The measures taken by the corporation include a new model for scheduling personal appointments, and measures aimed at ensuring a limited number of patients visited the centers at a time 
Prior to entering the PHCC facilities, patients and visitors are examined to check for symptoms of fever, cough and breathing difficulties, and their temperature is measured remotely using infra-red thermometers, and all visitors are required to wear masks and use a hand sanitizer that is provided at the entrances and various locations around the buildings.
In all health centres, the corporation has laid lines and signs on the ground that have been redesigned to enhance social distancing procedures, and very strict cleaning and sterilization procedures have been adopted throughout the PHCC facilities and within shared spaces, including waiting rooms, lobbies, and restrooms, where they are cleaned And sterilize them regularly using sterile spray as well as cleaning and sterilizing examination rooms between patient visits, whether for medical advice or treatment.
Patients suspected of COVID-19 disease are isolated inside facilities in designated areas, while remaining under constant medical supervision during their stay that lasts for the minimum period permitted by safety measures.
The Primary Health Care Corporation stressed the need for community members to ensure access to health care when they need it without any delay associated with the spread of the pandemic, as delays in accessing health care services can endanger their health in the long run.
It stressed that it was making relentless efforts to ensure that the risks of transmission are avoided.

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