Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Beauty of the bloom gets lost in the pandemic gloom
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Beauty of the bloom gets lost in the pandemic gloom

Santhosh Chandran 
This is the time when Qatar’s largely monochromatic outdoor view gets punctuated by the brilliant speckles of colours provided by flowering trees and blooming shrubs. 
Although the summer is on the threshold, there is still a wealth of spring beauty to be found in the outdoors. However, a lot of that beauty is being missed as people are mostly restricted within the confines of their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak.
An employee at a farm house at Al Shahaniya said, “Nights are still cool enough to be comfortable. Normally, this is the time when big crowds of guests come to enjoy the beauty of farm houses that flowers in spring. But unfortunately, we have no such guests this year due to virus outbreak. But nature doesn’t forget its routine.”
During this season, trees covered with hanging yellow flowers commonly known as “golden shower” or “pudding-pipe tree”, thorny ornamental vines or bougainvillea and palm trees with budding dates add to the beauty of Doha’s public gardens, villas, iconic public buildings and parks.
A landscape engineer involved in big infrastructure projects said, “Public garden or green patches on highways have worn a beautiful look.  But a lot of people miss this beauty due to COVID-19 restrictions. But it is a sight to behold for those who get to see it.”

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