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679 more people test positive for COVID-19 as 130 recover
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679 more people test positive for COVID-19 as 130 recover

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Qatar on Sunday confirmed COVID-19 on 679 more people.
While no new death was reported in the last 24 hours, 130 more people recovered to raise the total to 1,664. With the death toll at 12, currently 13,875 people are undergoing treatment for the virus infection.
Most of the latest cases are that of expatriate workers in different occupations who have come in contact with those tested positive earlier. The new cases also include groups of workers from outside the industrial area who were identified through testing by the Ministry of Public Health. This has contributed to the early detection of new cases.
The remainder of new cases are that of citizens and residents who have contracted the virus from members of their families, who in turn had contracted the virus at their workplaces or other places where they had been to exposed to infected people. 
All the newly-diagnosed individuals have been quarantined with proper medical attention.
On its website, the ministry attributed the recent surge in daily COVID-19 cases to several reasons, including the transmission approaching a peak in Qatar. This means, the daily cases continue to rise for a period before it begins to decline, the ministry said.
Besides, aggressive efforts to trace transmission chains and increased surveillance have contributed to the early detection of COVID-19 cases, it added.
The Ministry also called on the public to visit its website regularly to view the latest information and instructions related to COVID-19.
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