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QC provides MoPH with 24 business initiatives to combat COVID-19
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QC provides MoPH with 24 business initiatives to combat COVID-19

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The Qatar Chamber on Wednesday announced that it has provided the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) with 24 business initiatives received by the chamber through its ‘Takatuf Initiative’ to support the ministry's efforts in containing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. 

The chamber revealed that among these initiatives received by the business owners are the setting up of field hospitals, assistance in providing medical personnel when necessary, providing drivers and support services, equipment, air conditioners, and generators, in addition to providing and delivering food, providing masks, medical gloves, and providing fresh local vegetables, meat, eggs, and dates.

These initiatives also include providing transportation to and from agencies and warehouses, offering cleaning and hospitality services and providing sterilisation services for streets, farms and buildings.

 It also includes supplying bed mattresses, providing volunteers, display screens and speakers, printing guide boards, and setting up devices for self-service in labour camps to reduce the spread of the virus.

Qatar Chamber Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al Thani said, “The ‘Takatuf Initiative’ initiative launched by the chamber to encourage the private sector to participate in supporting the state's efforts and precautionary measures against the coronavirus has witnessed a positive response by businessmen.  The chamber continues to receive business initiatives in this regard.”

Sheikh Khalifa said that the Chamber is daily coordinating with concerned government agencies to benefit from these initiatives, noting that these initiatives come in line with the efforts exerted by the Supreme Committee for Crises Management that aim to protect citizens and residents from the spread of the virus.

The Qatar Chamber last week launched an initiative called ‘Takatuf Initiative’ to urge the private sector to participate in supporting the country's efforts and precautionary measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

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