Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Qatar hosts 31 Bahraini nationals transiting home from Iran
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Qatar hosts 31 Bahraini nationals transiting home from Iran

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Qatar has hosted 31 Bahraini citizens transiting home via Doha from Iran after the Bahraini government refused to let a private jet from Qatar enter its airspace.
According to the Government Communication Office, the Bahraini nationals arrived at the Hamad International Airport on a Qatar Airways flight on March 27. Since Bahrain doesn’t allow any Qatari commercial aircraft over its airspace due to a blockade it has imposed on Qatar along with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Qatar reached out to Manama to find the best way to get the Bahraini nationals home safely.
Qatar offered to fly them out on a private jet bearing all the expenses. However, the Bahraini authorities refused the offer and said they would send a flight for the nationals at some undefined point in the future.
As Iran is hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and Qatar gives priority to the health and safety of the individuals in the country, the Ministry of Public Health has hosted them in self-isolation in a hotel designated for quarantining people coming from abroad.
All the Bahraini nationals will be tested for coronavirus. Those testing positive will receive free and full healthcare at no expense to them or the Bahraini government. Those testing negative will continue to be in self-isolation for two weeks at the hotel. Qatar said it would bear all the expenses.
“It is our hope that by the end of this two-week quarantine, the government of Bahrain will allow their citizens to return home. If not, we will continue to host them,” a statement from the Government Communication Office said.

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