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MF Husain’s Seeroo fi al Ardh to be unveiled in Education City
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MF Husain’s Seeroo fi al Ardh to be unveiled in Education City

Qatar Foundation is preparing to unveil the famed artist Maqbool Fida Husain’s final art installation,the Seeroo fi al Ardh, in Education Cityon December 11.
Husain’s final art project will go down in the world of art history as his most unusual – as, in a departure from his usual work, the Indian-born artist, who held Qatari citizenship, has designed the Seeroo fi al Ardhto be both dynamicand experiential.
The Seeroo fi al Ardh is part of Husain’s extensive project on Arab civilization. The installation was commissioned by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, in addition to a series of paintings that reflect the 99 names of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.The artworktells the story of the progression of human civilization through the history of the Arab region, and how people in the region used nature – and eventually machines – to further their ambitions. 
Husain wanted to highlight the fact that an ambience conducive to innovation existed in the Arab world long before the European Renaissance. The elements on the installation – Abbas Ibn Firnas’ and Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machines, glass horses, and vintage cars – reflect this. Firnas’ flying machine predated that of da Vinci’s by a few centuries, while Arabian steeds galloped across deserts long before modern transport arrived in the region.
A giant mosaic of horses forms the background tothe artwork, representing the artist’s love of the animals and Qatar’s equine heritage.The elements on the artworkwill move to music selected by the artist himself.
Husain passed away soon after starting work on the artwork, with Qatar Foundation subsequently completing the installation, taking care to include all the details in the artist’s final plan.
Layla Ibrahim Bacha, QF’s senior art specialist,said: “Though it was commissioned in 2009, Husain could complete only a part of the installation before his death in 2011. But the original mock-up of the project was with QF, allowing us to continue the project. 
“The fact that we managed to finish all the elements as per his masterplan, is a matter of pride for us. We wanted to preserve the legacy of M F Husain. The public deserve to see a full-scale completed version of that mock-up, exactly as the artist had envisioned it. 
“We’re delighted to present this unique work, along with an exhibition that includes sketches, letters that were created and written by the Husain, and the original mock-up of the installation itself.”
Husain’s works have been exhibited the world over. His first solo exhibition in Qatarwas held in 1984 at the Sheraton Hotel, with a further exhibition being held at the Museum of Islamic Artover a decade ago.
Following this, he took up residence in Qatar, a relationship that was cemented when he was conferred Qatari citizenship in 2010.  An exhibition of the paintings that the artist executed during his time in Qatar, titled Horses of the Sun, was held at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, in Education City, earlier this year. 
The inauguration of the Seeroo fi al Ardh, which will be maintained by QF, will be attended by celebrities and dignitaries from both within the country and abroad. Following the unveiling, the installation will be housed in a permanent building near the Al Shaqab equestrian center within Education City, and will be open to the public.The installation will be presented in sessions that last for 18-20 minutes. 

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