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Qatar Petroleum holds its annual ‘Mustaqbalna’ event to inspire its future Qatari leaders
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Qatar Petroleum holds its annual ‘Mustaqbalna’ event to inspire its future Qatari leaders

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Qatar Petroleum organized its third annual “Mustaqbalna” event which provided over 300 Qatari nationals on development with the opportunity to directly engage with the organization’s Executive Leadership Team and to realize the valuable contributions they can make towards QP’s continued growth and success.
Held annually since 2017, Mustaqbalna, which means “our future” in Arabic, aims at inspiring all national employees under development for senior staff positions (called “Associates”) to achieve their full potential and embrace their roles as the organization’s future leaders.
His Excellency Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the Minister of State for Energy Affairs, the President and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, welcomed the Associates to a future that awaits them and urged them to stay focused on a mindset of personal, successful achievements that reflects on the success of Qatar Petroleum and the future of Qatar.
Minister Al-Kaabi stressed that Qatarization is one of Qatar Petroleum’s top priorities, and said. “You are the future we are working to see. You are the next generation of leaders. This is why we are placing the utmost importance and attention on the development of our Qatari human capital in all areas of specialty. Our corporate strategy is focused on developing a highly capable and motivated workforce across the whole of QP with special emphasis on Qatari development. This is your opportunity.”
Mustaqbalna 2019 was held over two days at the Qatar National Convention Centre, and featured various interactive activities that enabled the Associates to creatively plan their professional development as well as to learn the importance of taking initiative and practicing resourcefulness in the workplace.
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