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Best of Italy on display
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Best of Italy on display

Ailyn Agonia 
ITALIAN artisanal and food products, original Sardinian costumes, photography exhibition showcasing the city of Venice and live performances are among the attractions at Casa Italia featured at the 9th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, which opened at the Katara Esplanade on Tuesday. The event which celebrates maritime heritage features 11 countries offering diverse activities, crafts and other products. Casa Italia Dhow Festival 2019 is organised by the Italian Embassy in Doha and marks the second participation of the embassy in the annual event, highlighting the authentic maritime traditions of Qatar and other communities living in Doha. The promotional space which literally means “Italian Home” is particularly inspired by the city of Venice with its ancient history and traditions and Island of Sardinia, the renowned marvellous island in the heart of the Mediterranean with its meaningful sea culture. For the space dedicated to the Island of Sardinia, Sara Marrocu, the assessor of culture in Portoscuso - a fishermen village founded in 16th century - showcases traditional tools used for tuna fishing from the local museum of fishery. A photographic exhibition courtesy of Martino Motti presents the different phases of tuna fishing in Sardinia related to the ‘Tonnara’, a traditional method to catch tunas. Ladies in original Sardinian costumes prepared handmade pasta and a trio of musicians flying in from Cagliari entertained visitors with folk music. A number of Italian nationals danced along the lively music. The space celebrating Venice features a photographic exhibition titled ‘The timeless beauty of Venice’ (courtesy of La Vela spa) showcasing the most beautiful spots of the city. Also featured are traditional Venetian artworks made of handmade‘vetro di Murano’, the authentic worldrenowned Murano glass made by skilled glassblowers with rich colours and gold and silver specks. Other featured items are artisanal handcrafted and painted plates from the Amalfi coast and the renowned Ceramics of Vietri with fish themes. Several Italian restaurants in Doha and Italian food importing companies including Al Messilia Resort, IFG Lavazza, Carluccio’s, Colosseum, Bombo Crepes and Agrico present the most popular Italian recipes and street-food allowing visitors to celebrate authentic Italian cuisine and taste.
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