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Mall of Qatar organises season 3 of ’Qatar’s Best Talents’ musical event
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Mall of Qatar organises season 3 of ’Qatar’s Best Talents’ musical event

The third season of "Qatar’s Best Talents”  has been organised by Mall of Qatar in cooperation with Sherborne Qatar.
It featured the Prep Musical Theatre, singers and musicians from Sherborne Qatar, The Prep & Senior Choir, the Senior string ensemble, the Senior music band and special performance by Lily and Linda . 
The event was held at the Oasis stage in the Mall of Qatar and also featured International artists; Ms Haydee Soul (Cuba), Andrew Larin (Ukraine), Basil Adam (Syria), Sam Arts (Netherlands), Becki Wolfe (England) and Razwan Bobby Sarwar (England).    
Lucy Hancock, Marketing and Events Specialist with the Mall of Qatar, said, “It’s been a pleasure working with you and everyone here was super impressed with how fantastic your students performed on stage as part of Qatar’s Best Talents. It was fantastic working with you and we look forward to many more performances and collaborations in the future.”
Mr Sarwar (Head of Music at Sherborne Qatar) was so impressed by the behavior and professionalism shown by the pupils aged from 6- 16 years old.  
The event opened with the Sherborne Preparatory Theatre group performing to Arabian Nights from the movie Aladdin. This followed with prep and senior musicians performing the Violin, Piano and Harp. The Senior string ensemble performed a classical composition and concluded with two little angles, Lily and Linda singing Shallow by Lady Gaga.
Lily’s mother said, “My family and Lily especially were blown away with how many teachers and staff that showed up to support the performance at Qatar Mall on Friday evening. For a 7-year-old it can be quite daunting having to perform to such a huge audience. Seeing her teachers there really boosted her confidence and she was super stoked to see all of them there. Please pass on my thanks to your staff. I am proud to be part of the Sherborne family and to have two of my girls attend your school with teachers that care. Razwan, again thanks for the great show! the school is lucky to have you."
The second half opened with the Senior band performing a Stevie Wonder medley and Sir Duke.  The event concluded with the Prep and Senior choir singing, A Qatari Song, a Bollywood song and a song by Gary Barlow called Sing.
The audience were amazed by the performances of the pupils and immensely proud of their children.
Sarwar (Head of Music, Sherborne Qatar) would like to thank the community of Qatar for supporting Music and the Arts.
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