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Qatar residents are going vegan
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Qatar residents are going vegan

As the world observes vegan month in November, Qatar residents are living the spirit.
Talabat, the region’s pioneering online food delivery service, reviewed the vegan and vegetarian orders received across its restaurant partners, to find out more about the food choices of the nation’s residents.
The results show a significant increase in the preference of residents for vegetarian meals with an increase of 56 per cent in the number of vegetarian or vegan meals ordered over 2018.
The most ordered vegetarian/vegan dishes across the region include hummus followed by falafel, koshari, lentil soup, dal, paneer, guacamole, tofu, acai, papaya salad, chia and avocado toast.
The highest growth in orders across the region were for acai at 96 per cent, avocado toast at 88 per cent and chia at 65 per cent.
With its diversity of vegetarian/vegan restaurants on board, Talabat indeed is serving the choice of the people!
This November, be your food choice be vegan or not, live healthy!
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