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Vision 20/20: Qatar’s Mohammed al Rumaihi shoots his way to Tokyo Olympics
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Vision 20/20: Qatar’s Mohammed al Rumaihi shoots his way to Tokyo Olympics

Vinay Nayudu
You can call it ‘20/20 vision’ of Qatari shooter Mohammed al Rumaihi. In scientific term 20/20 vision refers to the clarity or sharpness of vision of a person with ‘perfect eyesight’.
The 30-year-old Al Rumaihi, on Wednesday, kept his focus despite fading light at the Losail Shooting Complex to finish fifth in the men’s trap event of six finalists at the 14th Asian Shooting Championships to become the first Qatari shooter to claim a quota place for 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Celebrations and greetings followed.
HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad al Thani, President, Qatar Olympic Committee, congratulated. He tweeted: “The first qualifier to Tokyo Olympics, shooter Mohammed al-Rumaihi congratulations”.
In a gritty final, where Talal al Rashidi led a Kuwaiti one-two-three finish, Al Rumaihi’s good show brought huge elation and Qatari celebration at the shooting range.
With the tense final lasting over an hour, spectators and officials were keenly engrossed cheering each target being shot.
Understandably Al Rumaihi was the big attraction on home turf and was swarmed by his coach, officials, Qataris and fans alike immediately after the final.
“It wasn’t an easy competition,” as the tall athlete, overwhelmed by the adulation, said before pausing to catch a breath.  
“But I am very happy to have qualified for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Alhamdulillah. I am delighted on clinching the first quota place for Qatar in shooting. I wish all my other colleagues good luck,” he added.
President of Qatar Shooting & Archery Federation Ali Mohammed al Kuwari
praised Al Rumaihi’s performance.  “I am very happy with Qatar having clinched the first quota place. We had two of our shooters (Al Rumaihi and Rashid al Athba) make it to the final qualification shoot-off.
“Unfortunately one of them couldn’t make it to the final six. Had both qualified for the final, we could have had two quota places for Olympics. But, thanks to God we still won one place.
“Rumaihi has worked very hard, him and his coach both. Everybody in the Qatar Shooting & Archery Association also worked hard towards our shooters achieving this.
“Now, the hard work will start again – preparations for Tokyo 2020. And we promise all Qataris that we shall be represented in Tokyo Olympics in shooting. We still have our ace shooter (Nasser al Attiyah), who will be participate in the skeet competition in the next couple of days.
“It was a very tight competition, went very close but we all are very happy for Rumaihi. I hope this good show of his will bring more people to the Losail Shooting Range to come and watch our shooters in action.”
Al Rumaihi’s Polish coach Robert Mlodzianowski applauded his ward’s focus given the twilight conditions. “It was not easy at all. The competition was tough, besides the final started too late in the afternoon. With the setting sun, the visibility of the target (clay pigeons) was not easy. Yet, our shooter’s sighting was exceptional maybe he couldn’t finish as we may have wanted him to but he managed to claim the Olympic quota place and we all are very happy.”
About the wind factor, he said, “the constant wind and breeze wasn’t the problem. We often shoot when there is wind, so that’s not an issue, but visibility and the first moment when you can sight the target is important and that gets affected when the light is less.”
Yes, Al Rumaihi could clearly see where he wanted to go. Now we shall await Qatar’s six-time Olympian Nasser Saleh al Attiyah’s participation in the skeet event which begins Saturday. 
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