Saturday, July 22, 2017

Anna Sauerbrey | NYT Syndicate THERE are only nine weeks to go until Germany elects a new parliament on September 24, and with it, the next chancellor. Right now our eyes are on Angela Merkel, the incumbent, and Martin Schulz, her ..

New York Times EMMANUEL Macron's entry to the French presidential stage was about as exciting and theatrical as electoral politics gets. Rising from relative obscurity, he seized the 'c9lys`e Palace and the National ..

New York Times LAST month, US state Louisiana passed one of the most ambitious criminal-justice reform packages in the country 10 new laws that make important changes to everything from drug sentences, parole and community ..

Paulina Garz—n and Leila Salazar L—pez | NYT Syndicate WHILE President Donald Trump rolls back environmental protections and announces the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate accord, China is trying to position ..