Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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The US Can Fix Its 
Broken Asylum System

AFTER the recent melee involving Central American asylum seekers, Mexican police, and the US Customs and Border Patrol, an uneasy calm has returned to the crossing between Tijuana and San Diego. It’s unlikely to last. If President ..

How To Clear Out Your Workspace For A Fresh Start In 2019

THERE comes a point where items get in the way and just take up space instead of helping you be more productive. Not only that, but studies indicate that companies with less materialistic bosses fare better overall, and that clutter in ..

Can Macron Survive 
‘Yellow Vest’ Revolution?

NICOLE Barthelemy, the quiet, gracious owner of one of Paris’s premier cheese shops on the Rue de Grenelle, told me this week, with real panic in her eyes, “I have never in 47 years been so afraid as I am today.” And with good reason. Only a ..