Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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We’re All In Denial About Climate Change

EVEN people who say they believe in climate change may be in denial — the same kind of denial that allows us to ignore our own mortality. This tendency to turn away from disturbing facts manifests itself not in what people say but what ..

Only One Woman On A List Of America’s Most Innovative Leaders? Really?

WHEN you think of the word “creativity,” do you associate it primarily with women or with men? Do you shout out “Sistine Chapel” or “quilts”? Do you point toward the flash card showing a lone man with a light bulb over his head, or do you ..

Get A Dog And Reap 
The Health Benefits

ANYONE who has ever owned a dog knows the experience can have its, um, drawbacks. Dogs of our acquaintance have been known to shred rolls of toilet paper, gobble food off counters, bark furiously at squirrels and letter carriers, barf ..

GATHER round, fellow earthlings, and give a pat on the back to the newest members of the planet’s panel for judging the human rights records of the community of nations. First up among the latest crop of countries on the 47-member Human ..