Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Qatari property owners in UAE face barrage of rights violations

AS many as 984 complaints concerning the violation of the right to own property have been received at the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar since the blockade was imposed on Qatar by the Saudi-led bloc.
The National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) has confirmed that the siege countries are showing flagrant disregard to the rights of Qatari investors and owners, which shows the absence of a safe legal environment for investments in these countries, especially in the UAE, and more specifically in Dubai.
Once the siege was announced, the blockading countries almost overnight expelled investors and property owners; closed their companies down, and prevented them from accessing and managing their businesses. This clearly demonstrates that these countries have no respect for local and/or international laws. This also puts a big question mark on the safety of investments made in these countries.
The siege countries have not only violated the WTO laws and agreements, but also violated the GCC agreements and the Agreement on Promotion, Protection and Guarantee of Investments among Member States of the Organization of Islamic Conference, wherein Article (7) states that the countries and/or individuals may resort to arbitration to demand compensation and settle disputes.
Some Qatari landlords and investors in the siege countries of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain are in a stew over the fate of their properties and investments. The blockade on Qatar has been followed by a spate of violations of the rights of Qatari investors who own private properties in these countries, thus depriving them from exercising their rights as stipulated in international human rights instruments.
Hundreds of complaints of serious violations have been received by the Claim Compensation Committee.
A Qatari citizen who owns a property in the UAE says he cannot manage his property as he was informed by his real estate agent that the property was no longer rented.
He says his property is located in an important area in Dubai and it has never remained vacant for this long since the time he bought it. This, he says, raises doubts about the credibility of the real estate agent but he cannot confirm it as he has lost all means of communication with the agent.
He says he wants to sell his property as soon as he gets the access as the UAE has become an unsafe place for investment.
Another Qatari citizen, who owns five apartments in the UAE, is feeling disturbed by the travel ban imposed on Qataris due to the siege, as he is no longer able to communicate with the company that manages his properties.